Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. These five senses open a world of learning for all children. Hosted on Facebook Live by Miss Erica, Sensory Storytime features an array of sensory activities for your child to enjoy! Sensory Storytime is for children ages two to five.

May 5- Sensory Activity 10:15-10:30 Cutting

May 12- Sensory Activity 10:15-10:30 Tying

May 19 Sensory Activity 10:15-10:30 Shaving cream

June 9 Fruits , Veggies oh my

June 16 Colorful bears

June 23 Fun with colors painting in a bottle

June 30 Sidewalk chalk

July 7 Mixing food colring with shaving cream

July 14 Tracing and cutting

July 21 Painting

July 28 Learning to tie a shoe