Teen Programs Online
Monday, April 20, 2020


Hello Everyone,

Sure do miss seeing everyone's face at the library.  But even though we can't physically be together, hopefully you have had a chance to participate in online programming either through Facebook Live or Zoom. We now have two other platforms for you to try:  Jitsi and Pokemon TCG Online.

If you want to participate in any programs listed through Jitsi, just sign up and it will send a link to you.  

For those Pokemon fans, we have added two days in May when you can get on together to play through Pokemon TCG Online.  A parent must set up an account for you, but it is free to play.  Please also send me your username for this, so I can send it out to others to play with you.

May's programs are in the late afternoons-evenings to accommodate for those of you who had other committments earlier on in the day.  Please let me know if you have any ideas for additional programs.  We will be sharing about the summer reading program coming soon.

Serving you,

Shannon Jackson